The Survival and Vitality of The Civil Law Tradition in Quebec, 1760-2017

Peter Chiene Lectures

The Chiene Lectures honour the memory of Peter Chiene, a graduate in Law and Philosophy of the School of Law. After concluding his studies in 1971, Peter qualified and practiced as a solicitor in Edinburgh. He retained a lively interest in legal history, especially in the historic links between Scotland and the Netherlands during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, until his tragic, early death.

Past lectures

‘The Invention of Legal Orders: Historical Comparisons between Roman, Chinese and Jewish Laws’

Professor Jean-Louis Halpérin (ENS Paris)

‘National, Transnational and European Legal Histories: Problems and Paradigms. A German Perspective’

Professor Thomas Duve (Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte)

‘The Parallel Universes of Baker, Joblin and Julian: Causation and Law’

Professor Boudewijn Sirks (University of Oxford)
(Published in Edinburgh Law Review, vol 17 (2013) 22-36. Available here.)

‘Divisio obligationum’

Professor Laurens Winkel (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

‘Conserving Culture and Copyright: A Partial History’

Professor Emeritus WR Cornish (Cambridge University)
(Published in Edinburgh Law Review, vol 13 (2009) 8-26)

‘On locatio conductio’

Professor Dr Wolfgang Ernst (Arthur Goodhart Visiting Professor in Legal Science, University of Cambridge, and Institut für Römisches Recht und Vergleichende Rechtsgeschichte, University of Bonn)

‘The Canon Law of Taking Sanctuary for Debt: Its Relationship to English and Scots Law’

Professor Richard Hemholz (University of Chicago Law School; Visiting Professor of Law, University of Cambridge)

‘Uncodified Rules in Uncodified Law’

Professor Klaus Luig (Institute for the History of Modern Private Law, University of Cologne)

‘Aspects of Reception of Law’

Professor Alan Watson (University of Georgia, School of Law)

‘The English Legal Profession and Legal Education:The Role of the Inns of Court (1340-1642)’

Professor John H Baker (Professor of Legal History, St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge)

‘Witness and the Attestation of Formal Documents in Scotland, 12th-13th Century’

Professor Geoffrey Barrow (FBA, FRSE, Sometime Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography, University of Edinburgh and Professor Emeritus)

‘Roman Law in a Mixed Legal System: the South African Perspective’

Professor Dr Reinhard Zimmermann (Professor of Private Law, Roman Law, and Comparative Legal History, University of Regensburg)

‘Jacques de Revigny and the Orleans School of Law’

Professor William M Gordon (Professor of Civil Law, University of Glasgow)

‘The History of Notaries since the Reformation’

Professor Peter Stein (Regius Professor of Civil Law, Cambridge University)

‘Are the Judges to be Passive or Active in the Conduct of Civil Proceedings? Some Continental and Scottish Ideas from before 1800’

Professor Dr Mr Jeroen Chorus (Professor of Roman Law and Legal History at Leiden University and Judge in the Amsterdam Court of Appeal)

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